Invisalign Teen

Getting metal braces is not exactly number one on a teen’s to-do list. Teens have bigger things to worry about: school exams, first dates, and prom! This is why more and more teens are becoming attracted to one of the most modern treatment methods in orthodontics, Invisalign Teen!

Invisalign Teen offers many benefits. One of the greatest advantages is the esthetic, invisible look to them! Teens can take all the selfies they want, because they don't have to worry about metal braces ruining their photo!  Also, because it is removable, teens can eat any food that they want without getting anything stuck in their teeth. Hello, caramel corn and pizza crust! Also, these removable aligners make it easier for teens to take better care of their teeth, because once removed, it is much easier to floss, brush and keep the trays clean. Teens can maintain excellent hygiene while using Invisalign Teen compared to metal braces.

While Invisalign teen is very similar to adult Invisalign, there are a few modifications which parents have found very effective in maintaining their child’s dental health. For example, Invisalign teen has a blue dot on the aligners which acts as a compliance indicator. The blue dot disappears when it is worn which makes it easier for parents and guardians to check up on whether or not their teen is actually wearing their aligners.